The Worry-Free Challenge

Over the last three weeks, I took a worry-free challenge that was used as a tool to keep my thoughts in check. I also gave my family permission to call out the worrisome thoughts at times when I appeared clueless. This strategy worked great for me. In my case, I found the content for my current writing project was the main recurring theme.
After the first week, I narrowed my repetitive thought patterns down to my current writing projects. I was always asking if the information written in the inspiration book was up to par. I often felt the need to research and study additional scriptures to make sure that the content flowed with the topic I was writing about.
During the early morning and late evening was the time I had the biggest influx of thoughts related to the contents of the book. The thoughts typically surfaced before I began to write, sometimes during my writing sessions, but mainly at the end of the day. In retrospect, I believe there is a genuine concern for wholesome content to be included in the book. In the light of stewardship, my goal is to publish a God-centered book with content that points to God as our Source.
Now I am convinced, that worry is a fruitless mental activity. It is a cycle that causes revolving thoughts to race through our minds. The human body responds with a heightened state of alertness. To be concerned is very different from worrying. Concern is another kind of mental reaction that surfaces from a place of love and genuine care. The results of true concern are very different from worry. Concern focuses primarily on the problem with hopes of taking specific actions to solve the problem.
Converting worries into concerns became easy for me.
I literally had to stop what I was doing to whisper a prayer or talk to myself. During times of reasoning, I challenged the Lord. I had to stop many times to ask Jesus to give me clear directions. Personally speaking, during times of stress, I tend to over-process the situation and actions of others. Therefore, I prefer to live a simplified and easy-going life free from worry and stress.
Over the last three weeks, I have spent hours reading and meditating on the word of God. Therefore, I have learned to cultivate a growth mindset that says, “All things are under God’s control.” All these have allowed me to understand my emotional and mental frame. My default setting is the word of God. The truth is; there is no need to worry.
My failure seems to be in the area of perfectionism. I am learning how to be excellent (striving for the best I can be). I have a hard time accepting that the written work is good enough. It can take a minute to truly convince myself that the written sentences and paragraphs are really what the Lord wants me to write. During times of weakness, I literally have to encourage myself to take a stretch break to increase my strength. This helped me to counteract the constant patterns of worry. I even had to choose to walk away, take a deep breath, and filter my thoughts.
Thankfully, I am at the place where I can say; I know my capabilities and my weaknesses. I can also say; “I serve God, and He is able to do all things. He provides the assurance, counsel, and strength needed for me to keep writing.” God is on my side, I will not be moved.
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