An Epic Testimony

Life will throw you some unexpected curve balls. Without warning things can suddenly change. I remember, I received a divine revelation that completely changed my perspective. It was during one of my most difficult seasons – The Epic Event. I found hope in knowing that God speaks and whispers truth directly into your spirit even…

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Petition and Declaration For Our Children Part 2

Photo of bible on table.

Heavenly Father, I desire your blessing upon my family, children and loved ones. Today I ask for an abundance of your wisdom when dealing with my son or daughter.   You said in your word: “Do not let any unwholesome talk (lecturing, judging, or accusing) come of (my) mouth, but only what is helpful for…

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Petition and Declaration For Our Children Part 1

Photo of a bible on table.

Many years ago, one of my friends called me. As the conversation got deeper, she explained that some of her challenges with her young adult son. After listening for about thirty minutes, the Lord prompted me to respond in a very unusual way. I said, “I am going to write a declaration for your son,…

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I am Approved

Photo of a happy women in front of a sunset.

One day while I was driving, the Lord rolled back the curtains of my life. I then realized, as a child, God literally handpicked me and pulled me out as His own. He skillfully placed me in a safe environment for His divine purpose. God said, “Daughter I have brought you through the many storms…

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God’s Original Plan

From the very beginning, God demonstrated himself as a tripartite being. This means He is a three-dimensional God. The God discussed here consists of God, the Father, Jesus, the Son and the Holy Spirit. God’s master plan is to preserve a continuous dialogue with humanity. He created mankind to worship and serve Him. This purpose…

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