An Epic Testimony

Life will throw you some unexpected curve balls. Without warning things can suddenly change. I remember, I received a divine revelation that completely changed my perspective. It was during one of my most difficult seasons - The Epic Event. I found hope in knowing that God speaks and whispers truth directly into your spirit even while you are sleeping.

It was around four in the morning; I was fast asleep when I heard these words that shaped my life. Summarized - “Don't worry about the world and what they're doing. You are different!  I have called you out of the world to transform you. You are different!”

That day, I woke up with a new vision of myself within the context of the world. I realized; I have a lifetime of favor which is divinely ordered by God’s grace. Because of God’s great love for me, I will experience promotion, prosperity, mercy, support, assistance and direction. It was conditional. As long as I keep my eyes on the Lord, I will have favor for a

Read Genesis 39:1-6 and Psalm 30:5

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