I am Approved

One day while I was driving, the Lord rolled back the curtains of my life. I then realized, as a child, God literally handpicked me and pulled me out as His own. He skillfully placed me in a safe environment for His divine purpose.

God said,Daughter I have brought you through the many storms of life. You have been tested and have been deemed approved. He declared to me that He has qualified me to speak into the lives of others. He has adorned me with joy for His glory.

God has healed and made me whole from medical complications and emotional traumas. I have been overlooked by many. I suffered manipulation, abandonment, rejection, betrayal and beyond.

Yet, God said, “I had seen it all. Now, you are restored, healed, delivered, qualified and approved.” Yes! He has established my life as an oak of righteousness. He restored me to a high status of favor. God further explained to me, "That’s why throughout the journey of your life you have experienced miracles upon miracles." Today, I am confident and without a doubt a firm Bible believer. I know I was set apart as a child, called to be an ambassador and loved by God. I am approved by Father, Son (Jesus Christ) & Holy Spirit - My Lord, Savior, and Master.

Today, I am a wife to an amazing man of integrity and honor (Jason). I am the proud mother of three mighty men of God (Andre, Carter & Sidney), Wellness Educator, Influencer and Entrepreneur. I am also an Author, Radio Host, Mentor and Marriage Advocate. The Lord has blessed me with many gifts, abilities, and resources. I endeavor to worship my Master as I continue to serve and lead others to optimal wellness.

The Lord has graced me with these specific Spiritual gifts: Teacher, Prophecy, Discernment, Word of Wisdom and Knowledge, Faith and Exhortation. I believe my purpose in life is to coach, educate and empower others on the path to living a balanced life in Christ.

Indeed, I am approved, redeemed, and liberated. I am called an oak of righteousness, the planting of the Lord for the display of His Splendor. (Isaiah 61:3)

I will fulfill my God-ordained purpose to educate, counsel and empower others as they learn to reset their focus for balanced living. My mandate includes practical ways of assisting Christians in creating a balance between their Spirit-Soul-Body connection.

I encourage each person to discover their gifts, analyze their past experiences and walk out their purpose here on earth.

Today, if you are in need of a wellness coach who can educate and assist you with the discovery of your gifts, I am here to assist you. Contact me and we can get you started on the journey to living a purposeful life in Christ.

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Welcome, I'm Tinasha

I'm a wife, mom and author who believes that optimal wellness is achievable! I facilitate comfort, coach through wellness education, and empower you to live well, move well and be well.


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